Founded in 1956 as HERLUCE has been dedicated since its establishment to the manufacture of machinery for industrial engraving and copying (pantographs, burin sharpeners, accessories, etc...) always oriented to industrial applications. Today we maintains more than 4,000 machines around the world that continue to have spare parts and technical service (some of these machines are more than 50 years old).

In 1985 HERLUCE began to promote the new line of research that marked the incipient concept of numerical control compared to traditional manual machines. Since then, and in its desire to provide complete solutions to the customer, the company has been characterized by its innovative spirit that is evident in some of the most outstanding events in the firm's recent history. In 1987 the company developed NasCAD in MS-DOS systems, the first and only software for industrial engraving developed in Spain. In 1995, the ModelArt3d released to the market, a new concept for three-dimensional artistic engraving based on the revolutionary concept of 256 gray levels.


Facilities of the Metalúrgica Marina group in Erandio.


Since 1997 we have been manufacturing machines with a High Speed Machining System, being one of the pioneers in the Machine Tool sector. In the year 1998, NasCAD 2000 Plus (Windows) replaced the old NasCAD in MS-DOS.

In 2005, the "HERLUCE" brand was integrated into the industrial group Metalurgica Marina, s.a. and adds to its standard manufacturing the development of custom special machines for its customers.

In the year 2007 the new version of the software, is once again the leader and allows our customers to work with more than 800 million points (x, y, z) in space.

The pillars on which HERLUCE is based are the following:

1. EXPERIENCE: Extensive knowledge in the manufacture of machines for industrial engraving and copying derived from an experience of more than 50 years.

2. KNOWLEDGE: A team of technicians who will be able to advise you on aspects related to your work (tool sharpening, part clamping, materials...). These technicians carry out machining tests on a daily basis, which allows them to be up-to-date on all aspects of the job.

3. TRAINING: A self-developed software based on experience in engraving work, and not from the analysis of computer technicians. Appropriate training (course included in the price of the license) and immediate technical support allow the customer to get the most out of their investment from day one.

4. TECHNICAL SERVICE: Being a manufacturer allows us to provide a more agile and dynamic post-sale technical service than that provided by distribution companies.

5. CONSTANT EVOLUTION: Our firm is continuously working on new developments that surpass the previous ones and that combine our own experience and the suggestions of our clients.