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HERLUCE, has been developing standard software for its machines for more than 30 years, as well as special software, made to measure, for its clients' special projects. The extensive capacity and experience of its software department allows the development of diverse and disparate software developments tailored to the requirements and needs of our clients.

 If you have any need, concern or doubt about a specific project, contact our software department.

We will study your project and surprise you!



CAD/CAM Systems
CNC machines




Special systems


Cuadro_G-G_de12 NasCad2000
  Cuadro_G-G_de12  Laboratory tests for drill bits and taps
Cuadro_G-G_de12 Shoe scale calculations
  Cuadro_G-G_de12  Telescope masks
Cuadro_G-G_de12 SmartSketck
  Cuadro_G-G_de12  Rolls for corrugated iron
Cuadro_G-G_de12 Photonas
  Cuadro_G-G_de12  3D relief maps
Cuadro_G-G_de12 ModelArt
  Cuadro_G-G_de12  Rollers with natural 3D textures
Cuadro_G-G_de12 WinEP
  Cuadro_G-G_de12  Texts and drawings in Braille
Cuadro_G-G_de12  WinCAM      
Cuadro_G-G_de12  S.I.G.V.A.      
Cuadro_G-G_de12  IselEP      
Cuadro_G-G_de12 Rhinoceros 3D      
Cuadro_G-G_de12 VisualMIll